Macy's Summer Skin Care

Does your skin get oily in the summer? Do you get more breakouts during the summer due to the humidity and sweat? Read on to learn about Macy's favorite skin care to get her through the summer months with breakouts and oily skin!

"My skin is usually pretty normal during the fall, winter, and spring. But once humidity hits and the temperatures rise, my skin goes SUPER oily. I used to not know what products to use and I definitely was scared of moisturizers because I didn't need MORE moisture as I had all the oil! After taking skin care classes, I have realized what products to use for my skin and why I should use them! I actually have TWO different skin care systems for the summer and winter, I use mostly the same products but there are a few I change out once the seasons change. Read on to see what helps me control my oil!"

My first thing I do is I cleanse my face. I cleanse my face morning AND night. I always cleanse it twice at night, first time to get my make up off and then the second time to really cleanse my skin. My cleanser I use is the all sensitive cleanser because I do have sensitive skin and this is the only one gentle enough for my skin. For people with less sensitive skin, I recommend the botanical kinetics purifying gel cleanser.

Botanical Kinetics Purifying Gel Cleanser:

This is a great product that is DERMATOLOGIST-TESTED. This is a gentle, plant derived foam cleanser that foams away impurities and oil to help normalize skin.

Botanical Kinetics All Sensitive Cleanser:

This product is aroma-free for sensitive skin that removes environment pollutants, impurities and make up.

My next product that I love to use is the botanical kinetics exfoliant. I use this product in the EVENING after I cleanse and I used this instead of toning. To apply, I use a cotton ball and I smooth it onto my face and neck.

Botanical Kinetics Exfoliant:

This is a nonabrasive exfoliant for all skin types that removes dull surface cells, helping to reveal a clearer, smoother, more refined complexion and prepares the skin to to receive treatment and moisture benefits.

After I use the exfoliant, I use the outer peace acne relief pads twice a day on my breakouts and black heads to get rid of them. If I use these too much, they do dry out my skin so I started using them once a day and then went to twice a day after a few weeks. I do go down to one time a day once fall hits and my skin isn't as oily. Let me tell you, these work AMAZING!

Outer Peace Acne Relief Pads:

Pre-moistened pads infused with powerful plant extracts, including tamanu, alma, boswellia, and saw palmetto, that cleanse, exfoliate, unclog pores to help eliminate black heads and prevent future breakouts.

After applying the exfoliant (or outer peace pads, depending on my breakouts), I get ready for my treatment lotion. I use this product morning and night before I use my eye treatments and moisturizers. I like to describe this product as a drink of water for my skin.

Hydrating Treatment Lotion:

A 99% naturally derived treatment lotion that you use daily which helps to provide instant hydration and maintains the skin's moisture balance.

These next products I have just recently been using. I am trying to prevent wrinkles from coming so I have recently purchased eye treatments! I use 2 different ones, one for the morning and one for the night. First, I will talk about the energizing eye cream that I use in the mornings and then secondly, I will talk about the tulasara brightening sleeping eye masque. When I apply both eye cremes, I use my ring finger to smooth them under my eyes, around the outside of my eyes to prevent crows feet, and then I go above my eye, right under my eyebrows too.

Botanical Kinetics Energizing Eye Creme:

96% naturally derived eye creme, that helps reduce the appearance of under eye circles, and brightens the skin around the eyes.