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Protect Your Hair from Summer

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

Whats better than spending your summer days by the pool and in the sun? Feel better spending your days outside with our sun care line!

Protect your hair from chlorine, salt and uv damage with our sun care uv defense and recovery system.

Sun Care Hair and Body Cleanser:

This product is for all hair types corn-derived chelator which is color-safe and removes chlorine, salt and product residue. Organic coconut oil and tamanu oil help maintain the moisture balance of your hair. This product also includes vitamin E, green tea, and certified organic sunflower oil.

Sun Care After-Sun Hair Masque:

This product is for all hair types with an after-sun formula made with morikue protein. To moisturize the sun-exposed hair, this product contains certified organic coconut oil and tamanu oil.

Sun Care Protective Hair Veil:

This mist is for all hair types and it is a lightweight, water resistant UV defense mist which forms an visible screen to protect hair from sun exposure to minimize dryness and damage.

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