• Dragonfly Aveda Salon

Charity: Water

Aveda is proud to partner with charity: water, which is one of the leading non-profit organizations. Charity: water is dedicated to bringing clean, safe drinking water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) to people in developing countries.

Since 2006, charity: water has:

  • Raised $300M+ for clean water initiatives

  • Completed 51K+ water projects

  • Served 11M people in 28 countries

  • Received support from 1M+ people worldwide

Charity: water functions entirely on the 100% model:

Their operating costs are covered and completely by private donors.

That means that 100% of donations go toward funding water projects around the world. They prove where every dollar goes with transparency - every completed project is visible on Google Maps with GPS coordinates, photos and information about the community served, and on-going video updates connect donors with the communities they're impacting.

Donating is E A S Y and can be done in 4 simple steps!

  1. Visit charitywater.org/aveda

  2. Select "Earth Month 2020"

  3. Enter your Aveda location (Dragonfly Salon) in the "search for campaign" field

  4. Select the "donate" button, and follow the prompts

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