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Botanical  Treatments

Dry. Weak. Brittle. Damaged.


Words to describe hair when undergoing; winter weather, daily use of flat irons, blow-dryers, lack of daily heat protectant products, lack of hair maintenance, and hard water or exposure to chlorine.

Ayurveda is India’s ancient healing tradition and centers around the belief that there are intense connections between our mind, body and spirit.


Aveda’s Research and Development scientists artfully crafted Botanical Therapy’s scalp and hair products to create an intense aromatic experience and draw on the art and science of pure flower and plant essences to rejuvenate the scalp, hair and senses.

Balance. Health. Beauty. Strength. Are words to characterize hair after Aveda's Ayurveda product. 

Salon Services

Pramasana Scalp Treatment -

30 minutes scalp treatment that can be added on to a haircut or shampoo service or be booked alone. This treatment features a scalp massage with Aveda’s unique exfoliating scalp brush.


The treatment increases microcirculation and a professional-only scalp masque that purifies and nourishes the scalp.

It can be booked as often as needed.

Pramasana Express Treatment -

15 minute scalp treatment that can be added on to a haircut or shampoo service or be booked alone. This treatment balances the sebum levels and protects the scalp from environmental aggressors.


It does not include the nourishing scalp masque. These services cannot be preformed within 24 hours of a color service. **

Pramasana Treatments

Cleanse the scalp, shampoo the hair.


The foundation for beautiful hair is a healthy scalp. In the past, stylists recommended shampooing the hair twice to break through the scalp build-up. Aveda has a better option...

The key to a clean scalp goes beyond just cleansing; it’s balancing sebum levels...nourishing and preserving the scalp’s natural protective barrier, and helping protect the scalp from aggressors like pollution and free radicals.

Introducing Pramasana, an Ayurvedic inspired franchise of 96% naturally derived products formulated with an exclusive blend of seaweed extract, lactobacillus and tamanu oil that helps create and maintain a clean scalp foundation for beautiful hair.

At Home Services

Guests can continue maintaining scalp health at home with the three-step Pramasana system.


It is 96% naturally derived scalp cleanser and concentrate and a specially designed scalp brush to begin the exfoliation process and increase microcirculation.

  1. Exfoliate - Pramasana Exfoliating Scalp Brush

  2. Cleanse - Pramasana Purifying Scalp Cleanser

  3. Balance & Protect - Pramasana Protective Scalp concentrate



Women's Haircut starting at $28

Women's Express Haircut starting at $20

Women's Botanical Haircut starting at $48

Kid's Haircut starting at $20

Kid's Express Haircut starting at $12

Men's Haircut starting at $20

Men's Express Haircut starting at $13

Bang Trim starting at $8

Beard Trim starting at $8

Wash & Style starting at $30

Style Dry starting at $25


Special Occasions Updo starting at $50

Bride Trial starting at $55

Day of Bride Updo starting at $60


Botanical Treatment starting at $35

Pramasana Scalp & Hair Treatment starting at $50

Add-on: Pramasana Scalp Treatment starting at $30

Add-on: Express Pramasana Scalp Treatment starting at $30

*All services include wash and style except all express haircuts.


*All services include wash and style except all express haircuts. Color services come with ONE batch of color for each color service. Extra color batch fee of $13/batch.*

Full Head Color starting at $60

Full Lightening starting at $70

Root Touch Up starting at $45

Full Head Highlight starting at $75

Partial Highlight starting at $60

Full Head Color + Full Highlight starting at $100

Full Head Color + Partial Highlight starting at $80


Balayage starting at $85

Balayage + Shadow Root starting at $100

Men's Grey Blending starting at $25

Toner/Color Gloss w/ Service starting at $15

Toner/Color Gloss w/out Service starting at $30

Extra Batch starting at $13

Fashion Color call for pricing

Color Correction call for pricing


  • I Tip

  • Flat Tip

  • Tape In

  • Fusion 

  • Micro Fusion

The price varies depending on desired look and client's hair density and texture. Extensions can be as affordable as $200 but can range up to $1,000. Call us today for a FREE consultation! (605) 271-7975

Skin • Makeup


Brow Wax $15

Lip Wax $12

Chin Wax $12

Full Facial Wax $39


Makeup Application $35

Add-on Natural False Lashes $8

Add-on Dramatic False Lashes $12

Wedding Services


Bridesmaid Updo starting at $50

Mother of the Bride and Mother of the Groom  starting at $50

Flower Girl starting at $25

Bride TRIAL starting at $55

Bride DAY OF starting at $60


Bridesmaid Makeup Application starting at $35

Mother of the Bride or Mother of the Groom Makeup Application starting at $35

Flower Girl Makeup Application FREE

Bride TRIAL Makeup Application starting at $35

Bride DAY OF Makeup Application starting at $40

Add-on Natural False Lashes $8

Add-on Dramatic False Lashes $12

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