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Product Spotlight: Speed of Light

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

Speed of Light is a product best known as a blow dry accelerator spray. However, this little bottle is worth so much more.

Speed of Light is 90% naturally derived (from plants, non-petroleum minerals or water). 3 out of 5 women agreed that this product reduced blow dry time by 50% (Based on a 10-day consumer sensory study with 106 panelists).

Speed of Light helps detangle hair by reducing breakage by 93% (based on a repeat grooming study with brushing and blow drying) and protects from thermal damage from blow drying.

This product will leave your hair feeling smooth, static free, soft and primed for the perfect styling.

Speed of Light is perfect for all hair types and lengths.

To use: Shake well. Section clean, towel dried hair into 4 quadrants. Spray each quadrant until completely saturated. Comb through. Apply remaining styling products if desired. Blow dry.

*NOTE: for this product to work effectively, you apply this product before ANY other product.

You can purchase in the store at 7720 Dakota Hawk Ave, in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

Give us a call or book online today!


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