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Flattering haircuts and styles for Round Face Shapes

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

Round faces are very common, and can be hard to work with sometimes when it comes to styling hair. Making sure you have the right cut and style for your face shape will help with confidence and make it easier for the self love to come out. There are a few ways to determine if you have a round face:

round face shape

  • Having all soft features with not really any sharp angles to your face

  • Your forehead, cheekbones and jawline are all in the same line and nearly the same width

  • The width and length of your face are about the same size

  • Have a wider hairline with less pronounced chins and necks that may appear short

1. Layered "lob" or long bob

textured lob

Selena Gomez is a top celebrity to reference for inspiration if you have a round face. She really pulls off the textured "lob" look.

The longer style lengthens a round face while the layers and side part compliment her round face structure.

2. Side swoop fringe (bangs)

side swoop fringe

Side swoop fringe can create an illusion of elongating your face. They can help incorporate your face so you can rock both long and short styles.

Try to stay away from a fringe that is too blunt or short; you want to go for a fringe that easily blends into your hair for an elongating effect.

3. Long and sleek

long and sleek style

This sexy but simple look frames the face but doesn't emphasize its round shape.

Since a round face is missing length, wearing your hair long and straight stretches the face vertically. This style is also great for this with textured hair as you back-comb and shape the hair at your crown for some added volume.

4. Middle part with loose, beach waves

middle part with loose beach waves

An easy way to combat a round face is to do a middle part. Most people don't like their hair straight down the middle so do it off center just a tad. By doing a middle part, having an even weight on either side of your face lengthens your look. Creating soft beach waves draws the eye downward which elongates a round face, whereas, big, waves that go outward create the illusion of width.

5. Pixie Cut

Pixie cuts may be bold, but our round face ladies can rock it!!

textured pixie

For a textured pixie cut, have the sides cropped, stacked layers through the back of the head and long layers running across the forehead. These tips will draw the attention to your forehead which makes your face appear thinner.

faux-hawk pixie

Another way to style a pixie is with a faux-hawk. Creating this style draws attention upwards which creates height for your face shape.

6. Trendy high-pony

trendy high-pony

This on-trend high pony works great for round faces day and night. This pony-tail draws your eyes upward, therefor, creates your round face looking longer.

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