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3 Easy Hair Styles For Date Night

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

Date night is not just for your boo, it is for the girls too! Here are 3 easy, cute hairstyle options for a date night with the girls or your boo, or just out on the town!

  1. Beach waves

  2. Butterfly braid

  3. Volumizing bun


Items needed; curling iron of choice, whether it is a flat iron used as a curling iron or a wand or a regular curling iron. Hairspray.


  1. Curl one side of head in small sections * Curling away from your head helps create natural looking curls

  2. Curl the other side

  3. Hairspray your whole head

  4. *Keeping distance away from your head while hair spraying is key to keep beachy waves.

  5. Comb it out a bit

  6. Easy as 1, 2, 3!

For a step by step video tutorial check out Macy's instagram

BUTTERFLY BRAID Two large braids, brought into one large braid.

Items needed; Hair extensions, which are optional but help give the braid extra length and volume. Rat tail comb, to help separate the hair. Clear elastics. Hairspray.


  1. Create an off centered part in your hair with the rat tail comb

  2. Braid a side of your head, and leave the braid unfinished

  3. Braid the other side, while leaving this one unfinished as well

  4. Bring both sides together, finish the braid by combining the two side braids into one.

  5. Hairspray the braid after tying it with the clear elastic

You can pull the sides of the braided parts out to make the braid bigger, and better.


Items needed; hair brush, hair elastic, bobby pins and hairspray.


  1. Gather hair and tie into a high ponytail

  2. Brush out the ponytail

  3. Twist your hair around the base of the ponytail, creating a bun

  4. Secure in place with bobby pins

  5. Hairspray

Thats it!

That is our 3 go to easy hairstyles for a date night, or just being out on the town. Let us know which one you love!

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