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Maintaining Your Blondes

Have you decided to go lighter for the summer, but are worried about the damage it can cause your hair? Have you noticed your hair getting a brassy tint after about 4 weeks? Try our damage remedy shampoo and conditioner, masque and daily hair repair to protect your brand new blondes from summer!

Damage Remedy Shampoo and Conditioner:

This shampoo cleanses, fortifies and helps repair your damaged hair. The coconut and babassu nut are ingredients that work to gently cleanse your hair without causing damage. Follow up with the damage remedy gentle conditioner that traps in moisture to repair damaged ends. The babassu in this conditioner work by softening your cuticles which detangles hair and makes it easier to brush through after a wash.

Damage Remedy Masque:

This intensive treatment helps repair and strengthen dry and damaged hair with a quinoa protein that is guaranteed to trap in the moisture.

Damage Remedy Daily Hair Repair:

Use this leave-in conditioner after you wash your hair to protect your hair from heat damage, detangle hair, reduce breakage. This product produces fast results! See a 40% reduction in breakage after just one use, and 90% reduction after one week!

Blue Malva Shampoo and Conditioner:

Use this gentle cleansing shampoo and conditioner once a week for its wheat amino acids to neutralize brassy tones in your blondes!

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