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Hair Tips for Your Face Shape

Now that we know how to identify what kind of face shape you have, here are some hairstyle tips for every face shape!

Round Face Shape:

  • Short pixie cuts and middle parts are very flattering for the round face shape.

  • A center part with pieces in front of your face will help to slim your face.

  • Avoid short, blunt bangs and focus on soft, longer bangs.

  • Volume needs to be at the crown of the head.

  • A flattering length is a grown out bob.

Wisps in front of your face make it slimming.

Square Face Shape:

  • Shy away from a length that hits at the jawline and aim to have your bob fall an inch or two below your jawline.

  • Longer pixie cuts are a great way to balance out a square face.

  • Sideswept bangs are also a nice style for a square face.

  • Focus on different styles with textures to leave some airiness on your ends!

Keeping your tousled bob past your jawline keeps your face balanced out.

Diamond Face Shape:

  • Show off your face and add a bit of depth to keep your hairstyle flattering!

  • A chin length bob is a nice flattering hairstyle for diamond shape faces.

  • Hairstyles that help widen the jawline are flattering for this face shape.

  • Long hair with some layers is also a great look that allows you to show off your angular features.

Show off your features while still enjoying some longer hair! Layers are key for this face shape and hairstyle.

Heart Shape Face:

  • Add a nice definition to your cheekbones with some long sideswept bangs.

  • A shoulder length haircut with pixie style bangs is also flattering for this face shape.

  • With this type of face shape, it is important to balance out your forehead and chin so bangs are a great choice!

These sideswept bangs balance out her forehead and chin giving her a nice, flattering look!

Oval/Oblong Face Shape:

  • Oval face shapes can pull of almost any hairstyle!

  • Try a modern pixie haircut or a style that allows you to slick it back!

  • A shag or sideswept bangs could also help break up your face.

Her oval face shape allows Princess Kate to play with different styles, this long wave being a favorite!

Rectangle Face Shape:

  • It's all about layers!!

  • Long bangs or layers, both help your face shape appear wider and less angular!

  • This shape does well with a voluminous looks with a touch of texture.

  • Bouncy waves are the perfect style for a rectangular face!

Kim's rectangular face shape makes these waves look effortless and flattering!

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